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What is this web site?  This site is a source of information on bimrocks for geological and
geotechnical practitioners. It is a the original bimrocks site. However, after August 2010 it will not be updated.
For current bimrocks information see

What are bimrocks?  Bimrocks are block-in-matrix
rocks, mixtures of stronger blocks of rock surrounded
by weaker matrix rocks. Bimrocks are geologically,
spatially, and mechanically heterogeneous. Bimrocks  
include melanges, fault rocks, weathered rocks,
lahars and some "rock/soil mixtures."

So what?  Bimrocks universally frustrate the
economic and accurate characterization, design and
construction  of civil  engineering works.

Who cares?  Bimrocks are troublesome to

geotechnical engineers, geologists, contractors and
owners. Attorneys offer  to resolve the troubles.

Want information on bimrocks?  See the
"An Introduction to Bimrocks"  
and other
resources :

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Franciscan Complex melange: blocks in sheared matrix
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This is the original bimrocks site. Although it will remain as is, it will not be updated.

For current bimrocks information see


Dr. E. Medley

September 9, 2010