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An Introduction to Bimrocks is a an annotated
PowerPoint presentation summarizing bimrocks
issues, available as:

  • PowerPoint presentation (26 MB).  To see
    the detailed notes, open the Notes pane
    below the slide pane once the file is opened  
    in Normal View (slide Edit mode) in
    PowerPoint; or else View as Notes pages
  • PDF version with Notes (3.8 MB).

Other presentations:

  • Observations on Chaotic Failure Surface
    Trajectories in Bimrocks (Block-in-Matrix
    Rocks)”, E. Medley, AEG Annual Meeting, Las
    Vegas, Nevada, September, 2005. Download.

  • "Engineering Classification of Mélanges and
    Similar Block-in-Matrix Rocks - an Initial Step
    Toward Rock Mass Classification", E. Medley,
    PhD Oral Examination presentation, Dept. Civil
    Engineering, University of California at
    Berkeley, CA; November 13, 1992. Download