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Follow the directions on
this page to find bimrock

If you see any unusual
"Bim" signs, feel free to  
email them to me!

The primary reason for this web site is to
provide information on bimrocks to geological
and geotechnical practitioners. The resources
here are offered by myself and others who
have kindly extended their permission.

Use the resources freely, but please cite the
authors of the resources!

More current resources may be available at


Geopractitioner Approaches to Working
With Antisocial Melanges

Submitted for 2010 publication by the
Geological Society of America in a
Publication "Melanges: Processes of
Formation and Societal Significance",
(ed. J.
Wakabayashi and Y. Dilek)   
download paper

Engineering the Geological Chaos of
Franciscan and Other Bimrocks"

Paper in  Proceedings of 42nd U.S. Rock
Mechanics Symposium
,  San Francisco, July
8 download paper